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I have a range of cards available at https://www.doodle-doo.co.uk/ which is an online personalised charity greeting card company.

Great success stories!

During the first Covid lock-down, one of the authors I worked with was Ric Hart for his first bereavement book, Hugo and Daddy's Night-time Adventures.  Ric supported the charity 'Cruse' by donating the proceeds of sales of this book which was a huge success reaching No 2 in best sellers for Amazon category - Children's Fiction on Death and Dying, No 4 in Fiction about Death and Dying for Children and No 6 in their Children's Bedtime and Dream Books.  Ric raised a fantastic 1,265 for the charity!

Ric and I collaborated on a further four books with proceeds being donated by Ric to the Children's Bereavement Centre. Ric has continued on his grief journey, having hung up his author boots he now creates podcasts and media shows and talks openly about his own journey through grief. 

Another success story is Linda and Calum Johnston, a mother and son team who co-wrote a wonderful collection of stories based on their characters The 9 Cats. Linda is currently in the process of developing a 'plushie' toy for each of these characters and a first prototype has already arrived!

If you have an idea of your own and need to see it come to life visually we should have a conversation!


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