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Working fromy home studio, accompanied by my Border Terrier Teddy, a lot of my creative time is spent producing illustrations and in particular for Childrenís books. I have also returned to a familiar territory and have been creating personalised pet-inspired art.

My art and illustration work is very often inspired by the fields and trees I look out upon. I particularly love to portray animals and birds, reflecting both stylised and quirky or when called for, more realistic images to work either as a commission or within the imaginings of an authorís story.

I have always been more of a visual thinker, having enjoyed exploring and making art since discovering potato printing was much more fun than maths. But it was a little later in life before I earned a distinction with an 'Illustrating Children's Books' Diploma, from London Art College, which led to becoming a freelance illustrator. I have now worked on many books and commissions over the last few years and have recently expanded my toolbox from the traditional watercolour, to encompass working with a tablet and stylus which has been fantastic.

If you are a budding author of a children's book and are looking to have your ideas brought to life, please get in touch - a first conversation costs nothing and it might just lead to a great collaboration. I try to make my pricing range realistic and each job tends to be unique so price will become clearer when we talk.

You can see examples of my work within my gallery or by clicking on the links page to show you some of the published titles.


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